About Us

Who are we?

Providing the Best Service. Best Gear. Best Value.

Outdoor Gear Depot is committed to providing the best service and gear to everyone who sets out to discover, pursue, and live their passion in the outdoors. By selecting the best outdoor brands and gear for whatever your passion is, we strive to provide the best value possible. We are here to do everything we can to be Your Outdoor Gear Store.

The best value to us is the best gear, service, knowledge, and price we can provide. We make sure we take care of you, so when you are out there you are safe, feel great about yourself, and enjoy what you’re doing in the way you expect. Researching or making a choice, shopping small - send our experts an email or give us a call.

What do we want to become?

We want to become an outlet you all can rely on. Outdoor recreational activities should be available to anyone and everyone who is interested, curious, or already completely hooked. COVID-19 is in part why we’ve taken on the challenge to get as many people as possible back into sunlight or under the moon. 

We truly want to not only create value for ourselves, but be part of creating a difference in others lives. Whether through supporting the National Park Foundation or continually finding additional top notch quality brands and gear to add to our store. This means something to us. We will continue to overcome and grow beyond what we were yesterday and today.

What are we?

Outdoor Gear Depot is an eCommerce Drop Shipping business that partners with distributors, vendors, and manufacturers with contracts that enable us access to some amazing catalogues.

Our partners include:

  • Kinsey’s Inc.

  • Western Sports Distribution

  • CWR Distributions

  • Sportman’s Supply Inc.

The address is for billing and tax purposes only, and occasionally when returns happen outside of the standard 30 day return window. Our Company is TAHA LLC Doing Business As (DBA) Outdoor Gear Depot registered in the State of Arizona.