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  • Bolt Loader Pliers KN1404354_1

    Bolt Loader Pliers

    The Bolt Loader Pliers is designed to firmly hold crossbow bolts while loading and unloading crossbow bolts for safety to prevents hands and fingers from injury from an accidental discharge. There is also in integrated nock notch to adjust knock...

  • Excalibur Big Foot Stirrup

    Excalibur Big Foot Stirrup

    Make cocking your Excalibur Crossbow easier in winter with large boots on with the Big Foot Crossbow Stirrup. The Big foot Stirrup is an overmolded foot stirrup that allows bigger feet/ boots in ensuring a solid grip while cocking your Excalibur crossbow...

  • Excalibur Crossbow Stringer

    Excalibur Crossbow Stringer

    Changing strings on an Excalibur crossbow is fast and easy when you use the Excalibur Crossbow Stringer. It really takes the sweat out of stringing, unstringing or changing strings.Features:Makes changing strings on an Excalibur crossbow easier then...

  • Excalibur Pro Shot Acp Triggers Standard Models

    Excalibur Pro Shot Acp Triggers Standard Models

    The ACP Trigger features Frictionless Roller Catch Technology, consistent 3lb trigger pull with no creep and silent manual safety. Adjustable from one to two stage configurations. Standard model fits Micro 308 Short/315/335/355, Matrix...

  • Tenpoint Arrow Retention Brush Kit

    Tenpoint Arrow Retention Brush Kit

    A replacement for the Arrow Retention Spring, this innovative, high quality nylon-filament Arrow Retention Brush improves arrow grip and alignment while reducing noise and vibration.Features:Nylon filament brushImproves arrow gripReduces noise

  • Tenpoint Arrow Retention Spring

    Tenpoint Arrow Retention Spring

    Retention Spring made for all TenPoint and Wicked Ridge bow models. Not for use with Horton crossbows.Features:Retension spring for TenPoint and Wicked Ridge crossbowsHolds the arrow in placeNot for use with Horton Crossbows

  • Tenpoint Cable Saver

    Tenpoint Cable Saver

    This cable saver provides a friction free and dimensionally stable carriage for your cables. Specifically formulated for wear and friction characteristics, this cable saver provides smooth sliding against carbon, aluminum and camo-dipped barrels...

10 of 12 Items