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  • Apex Crosspeak Crossbow Scope Black Illuminated Reticle

    Apex Crosspeak Crossbow Scope Black Illuminated Reticle

    Crosspeak illuminated crossbow scope has a glass-etched reticle which can be illuminated (red) for increased contrast or used without illumination (black). APEX Ballistic Reticle provides holds from 20–100 yards. Speed calibration system scales the...

  • Bear X Speed Comp Crossbow Scope Illuminated Reticle

    Bear X Speed Comp Crossbow Scope Illuminated Reticle

    The Bear X Speed Crossbow Scope is compatible with any crossbow with speed adjustments from 205 to 430 fps. You will clearly see your target with multi-coated, ultra-clear glass and 1-5 x 24 x 30mm magnification. The illuminated 9-position 20-100 yard...

  • Burris Oracle X Crossbow Rangefinding Scope 2-7x

    The Oracle X features a built-in laser rangefinder that is activated via the wireless remote or the range button on the scope. At the push of a button, the Oracle X instantly displays the distance to your target and provides an exact aiming point...

  • Evo-x Marksman Scope

    Evo-x Marksman Scope

    The Marksman is built to maximize performance in both hunting and competitive shooting situations. Waterproof and fog-proof, it features a variable speed and arrow drop-compensation setting for crossbows that shoot between 250 and 450 FPS. The...

  • Excalibur Deadzone Scope

    Excalibur Deadzone Scope

    Variable magnification multi-reticle scope allows the shooter to fine tune their sight marks. Compact design works with crossbows shooting between 300-410 FPS.Features:Variable magnification multi-reticle scopeAllows the shooter to fine tune their sight...

  • Excalibur Ex-over Scope Cover

    Excalibur Ex-over Scope Cover

    The Ex-Over Scope Cover is a fast and easy way to protect your scope and your hunt. There are a lot of factors that can ruin a hunt, so don't let travelling or the weather be one of them. Specifically designed for scopes with a dimension of 8.5"x2"...

  • Excalibur Guardian Scope Mount W/anti-dry Fire

    Excalibur Guardian Scope Mount W/anti-dry Fire

    In the event your crossbow is fired without an arrow, the Guardian system is a self contained unit housed inside the scope mount and catches the string preventing the crossbow from dry firing. It also features a built-in release so you can easily de-cock...

  • Excalibur Rangefinder Mount

    Excalibur Rangefinder Mount

    Makes your range finder an indispensable part of your crossbow hunting kit. It holds your range finder to the scope where it can be easily accessed for split-second confirmation of your target range before firing. The mount features a Sorbothane shock...

  • Excalibur Scope Rings 1 In.

    Excalibur Scope Rings 1 In.

    Made from tough, lightweight aluminum and are anodized to a flat, non-reflective finish. They are strong enough to withstand the heaviest recoil without moving or changing point of impact.Features:Lightweight aluminumNon-reflective finishStrong enough to...