4 Common Archery Mistakes You Should Avoid

Oct 27th 2021

4 Common Archery Mistakes You Should Avoid

When it comes to the sport of archery, many people are self-trained. Whether that means they went to a range and winged it or they taught themselves using YouTube videos, both groups are prone to make some rookie mistakes that will affect their overall accuracy and effectiveness. If you’re worried that we might be talking about you, this list of some of the most common archery mistakes you should avoid will help you improve your game.

Dropping the Bow Early

One of the more common mistakes made when firing is dropping your bow before the arrow has fully left. This can slightly change the trajectory of the bow midair, causing it to hit the target lower than it otherwise would have.

The best way to fix this is to hold your bow steady until the arrow hits the target. It’s kind of like the idea of following through with a golf swing. Any slight variation can negatively impact the direction of your shot.

Having the Wrong Length for a Bowstring

Many new shooters, as well as some older ones, may not know that the length of their bowstring matters depending on their height. Having the wrong size bowstring will make achieving accurate shots much more difficult than if you had the correct size.

If you are unsure which length you should get, it would be best to consult an archery shop owner. However, there is a reasonably accurate method to figuring it out on your own.

  1. Spread your arms out against a wall.
  2. Have someone measure your arm span from one middle finger to the other.
  3. Subtract 15 inches from that number, then divide it by two.

This resulting length is how long your draw length will be. With this number, you can easily find a suitable bowstring for yourself.

Releasing Your Shots the Wrong Way

If you use a release to hold the release to let go of the arrow. This will cause some resistance, which will alter bowstring, another common archery mistake you should avoid is punching the trigger a little too hard. If you don’t know, this is when you quickly force  the trajectory of your shot.

Instead, you need to release the trigger slowly while keeping most of your focus on your aim. If you do this correctly, the release of your arrow should almost come as a surprise to you.

Mishandling Your Equipment

Even though a majority of bow and arrow pieces are well made, treating them too roughly will cause them to deteriorate faster, resulting in subpar shooting results. The most common items for this to happen to are arrow shafts. Due to their lightweight nature, they can sometimes get bent out of shape if you’re not careful with them. Even a slight bend can mess up an otherwise perfect shot.

If you need to test one’s straightness, roll it along the side of a table with your fletchings hanging off the edge. If it doesn’t spin perfectly across it, you know there’s an issue. If this is the case with a bunch of your arrows, you may need to consider an upgrade. We have many arrow shafts for sale that should be a solid replacement for the ones you currently have.