4 Types of Arrow Nocks & Choosing the Right Size

Aug 27th 2021

4 Types of Arrow Nocks & Choosing the Right Size

Most arrows that you buy will come with nocks already attached, but if you want to replace them or build your own from scratch, you should be aware of the different types that exist. That’s why we’re going to go over the main types of arrow nocks and how to choose the right size for your arrows in this blog post.

Conventional Nocks

If you have older aluminum arrows, these are most likely the type you will need. Conventional nocks fit over the back of arrows that come to a tip. If you use enough pressure, you can snugly get these on by hand, but if you want to ensure that the nock doesn’t come off mid-flight, you may want to use a dab of non-cyanoacrylate glue for good measure.

Pin Nocks

These are similar in design, but pin nocks are much easier to put on than conventional ones. The pins on arrows have a unified structure that doesn’t change based on the shaft’s thickness. Due to this, pins are most popular among competitive archers since they don’t stick out at all, which could slightly change the arrow’s trajectory if hot after getting launched.

Press-Fit Nocks

Most arrows today will use press-fit nocks. They are easy to attach since all you have to do is push them directly into the end of the shaft. They lock into place, so no glue is necessary either, which means that you can easily turn them in case they aren’t aligned well with your arrow fletchings. Of course, not gluing them means that they can become unaligned at any point, but that’s what makes them a much better choice for beginners. That way, they can figure out which alignment works best for them.


These nocks are basically the complete opposite of press-fit ones. Overnocks go around the outside of the arrow shaft. They can also be easily adjusted, but they affect accuracy a bit since they stick out past the sides of the arrow in order to stay connected.

Choose the Correct Size

Now that you know the different types of arrow nocks, you need to know how to choose the right size. If your arrows have a pin on the back, you’re in luck. The pins’ unified design means that any pin nock can be attached to them. Unfortunately, for the other three types, you will need to know the size of your shaft, but that should be listed. Luckily, if you’re looking for these types of arrow nocks for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Our selection of nocks has their sizes either listed in their name or their description. That way, you’ll know exactly which size to buy to fit your arrow shafts.