Helpful Archery Tips: Sighting-In Your Bow

Sep 1st 2021

Helpful Archery Tips: Sighting-In Your Bow

There are already tons of guides out that give a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up the sight of your bow. Instead of giving you another one of those, we wanted to provide you with some helpful archery tips for sighting-in your bow. These tips will help you have better success when it comes time to sight your bow.

Find the Right Sight for You

Honestly, there are probably more sights out there to pick from than there are bows. The level of choice is astronomical. When searching, be sure to take your time. Look at the product details, pictures, and reviews to ensure that you are buying the sight that best suits your needs. If you are unsure where to look for archery sights for sale, you’ve come to the right place because we have quite the vast collection for you to look through.

Give Yourself a Few Days

In order to get the best alignment possible, you’ll want to spread the process out over the course of a week. Fatigue is a serious issue when it comes to accuracy, and you’ll want to make sure you’re at your peak performance while doing this task.

Move Pins To the Center

It’s best to move all the pins in your sight toward the center before starting. That way, you have a consistent baseline to work with in either direction. You’ll want to make this adjustment before you take your first shot for consistency.

Get a Durable Target

If you want absolute perfection, be aware that the target you’re going to use will be taking quite the beating. The target you get will not only have to hold up against the arrows you shoot but also the tape and markers you will be attaching to it, as those are essential parts of most sighting guides.

Begin With Vertical Alignment

We suggest starting with vertical alignment for two reasons. The first is that it’s easier and takes less time. The second is that it will make horizontal alignment easier. It’s more challenging to line up distance shots correctly if your arrows are pulling far left or far right.

Start Horizontal Up Close

In the same way that vertical alignment is easier overall, horizontal alignment is easier when you start up close. The further away you are, the longer it will take to line up your next shot correctly. Getting the pins in the proper position is vital to having remarkable accuracy, so you’ll want to ensure that you do this step correctly.

Use Your Nose as an Anchor Point

For general shooting, people use many techniques to anchor their drawstring. However, we think that using your nose is best for sighting your bow since it is always stationary and sticks out far enough from your face.

Test Vertical From a Distance

When everything is all said and done, our final helpful archery tip for sighting-in your bow is to resight the bow vertically from a distance. In most cases, it will be okay to skip this suggestion, but if you really want to fine-tune how dead-center your shots are, this is an excellent way to do so.