Late Season Elk Tag

Sep 27th 2021

Late Season Elk Tag

You purchased a late season elk tag - now it’s time to come home with a 300 class Bull Elk. In reference to Elk Hunting, we’ve seen multiple sources talk about the rut already. But, we fully believe there are some pretty good opportunities in the late season. So just this one time, let’s skip over the rut and focus on Glassing and Still Hunting. There are absolutely instances where these have led to better hunts than in September. Impossible? Absolutely not, otherwise we wouldn’t care to share. With the late season around the corner, and Fall/Winter seasons here as it is, there is always potential that this could push the elk from summer mountain ranges and into the winter tundra areas. We also love late season elk tags because they are often overlooked by a lot of hunters and have the potential to make that 300 class Bull Elk easier to track down.


Let’s talk about late season bull hunt Glassing. Find a high vantage point(s). Then just spend the time glassing. Right? Let’s be honest here, success as a glasser begins with the ability to pick out the right places to do your glassing from. So, let’s start there. Best starting point is to glass the north facing slopes where you will find a ton of cover. You will need to find some running water close by, a stream or creek as these do not freeze as small still water ponds might. When scouting out great locations for glassing, the best areas will 100% of the time be furthest from any roads. So be prepared to hike a considerable amount of time and distance to find a spot to settle. Remember, there are SO many variables to what Elk pick up on - human activity, scent, sound, etc., so a remote area where patterns can’t be picked up on will be a huge advantage as well.

Still Hunting

Now let’s touch up on Still Hunting. This practice is a game changer in unfamiliar territory, and in areas where stands are impossible or forbidden. If you are lucky enough to find an area with recent snowfall and you are able to locate fresh elk tracks. This is the time you would want to still hunt without a doubt. Virtually, you are following in the game's foot tracks and stopping frequently - to scan and listen for the Elk you are tracking. Be mindful of wind direction, as this can tip off your game if the wind is at your back and you haven’t properly covered your scent. Wind can also easily distort and manipulate the sound of where the game is, but also yours. If you are walking in snow - however light it may be - the sound of the crunch could be a dead give away. Be mindful, and you can take home a Bull Elk with your late season elk tag.

We hope it will be an enjoyable and successful hunt.

Glassing Gear:

Spotting Scopes

Binoculars & Monoculars

Still Hunt Gear:

Laundry - Zero Scent - Detergent