Outdoor Adventures: Choosing the Right Kayak Seat

Oct 14th 2021

Outdoor Adventures: Choosing the Right Kayak Seat

If you’ve ever been kayaking before, then you know that it can be a blast. However, you probably also realized that the seats they come with are not the most comfortable. That’s why most experienced kayakers have bought a replacement for theirs. If you want to get more into kayaking yourself, then you’re going to need a better one, which is why we’ve made a guide for choosing the right kayak seat for your next outdoor adventure.

Consider Your Kayak’s Size and Style

This is the best place to start because nothing is worse than finding the perfect seat and then finding out that it doesn’t fit in your kayak. If you have a sit-in model, then you’ll want to take a note of the length of the opening. For those of you who have a sit-on-top kayak, you’ll have a lot more freedom in terms of the size of the seat that you’ll be able to get. Of course, no matter which style you have, the actual size of your kayak will determine which kind of seat will be able to fit in it as well.

Measure and Weigh Yourself

Now that you have your kayak’s measurements, it’s time to figure out your own. Your height will be the most important one to know. Taller people will want a seat that has about 12-18" for the size of the back. Shorter people should be fine with one under 12". Just be sure to try one out before making a purchase if you’re unsure. Also, you’ll need to take your weight into account. Luckily, the seats will tell you how much they can support.

Find Out How It’ll Stay in Place

Obviously, having the backrest positioned well is the main concern when installing it. You’ll want to make sure it will be able to stay at a 90-degree angle. Most do this by having adjustable straps that you can fine-tune to get the position just right. However, the bottom of the seat needs to be secure too. Finding one that has a rubberized bottom or bolts into place will be your best bet.

Pick Out Something Comfortable

After all of the more crucial aspects of choosing the right kayak seat are out of the way, it’s time to focus on the comfort level. This is where most of the fun for seat shopping comes in. Understandably, you want one with a good amount of cushion to it, especially if you plan on sitting in it for long periods of time, but the materials it’s made out of will make a difference as well. The main types that get used are polyester, molded foam, EVA foam, and Neoprene fabric. Each one has its own upsides, so be sure to read their descriptions to see what they have to offer.

If you’re still searching for a place that has kayak seats for sale, look no further than the selection in our online store. We’re sure that you’ll find the one that’s just right for you based on these tips we gave you.