Wild Turkey Hunting: Must-Have Turkey Hunting Gear

Sep 10th 2021

Wild Turkey Hunting: Must-Have Turkey Hunting Gear

Even though turkey season won’t be here until spring, there are a few states that allow you to hunt for them around Thanksgiving. So whether you’re gearing up for that or just getting a head start on prepping for next year, you’ll want to make sure you get all of our must-have wild turkey hunting gear picks.

Full Body Covering

If you are new to turkey hunting, one of the biggest mistakes you’ll probably make is not fully camouflaging your whole body. The strongest asset a turkey has for defense is its eyesight, so if it sees exposed hands or faces, it will know that it’s in danger. Buying a pair of camouflage gloves and a head net will make you much more difficult to detect, especially if you make your movements very slow when a turkey is around.

Turkey Calls

Once you’ve got your outfit ready, it’s time to figure out which must-have wild turkey hunting gear you want to bring along to make your job easier. The most common piece of equipment that hunters use is the turkey call. There are quite a few different kinds that do various things, but the main goal of these is to get an idea of where some turkeys are and try to bring them towards you. After you’ve done that, you sit patiently and wait.

Turkey Decoys

If you want to set up a trap for them, you should invest in some wild turkey decoys. The primary goal of these is to create a distraction. If a turkey is checking out what they think is another nearby friend, they will be less likely to see you getting ready for their imminent demise.

Binoculars and Rangefinders

Even though we’ve made this process seem relatively straightforward, it really isn’t. You probably aren’t going to find the perfect setup right away. Plus, the turkey might be a bit stubborn, so you’ll want to have some binoculars to either scope out a new area to move to or to look around to see if there are any turkeys in the distance.

If you do find one further away, you’re going to want to have a rangefinder with you to judge how far they are so you can adjust your aim accordingly. Even after all that prep work, you still might miss your shot, and both of these devices will help you redo your setup and try again.