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  • 12-volt Rechargeable Battery

    12-volt Rechargeable Battery

    Help ensure the effective and ongoing operation of you automatic wildlife feeder with the 12 Volt Rechargeable Battery from Moultrie. This sealed lead-acid replacement battery is safe for outdoor use and is also compatible with the Moultrie Camera...

  • Covert 12AA Battery Charger

    Covert 12AA Battery Charger

    You no longer need to waste away money on new batteries with the Covert 12AA Battery Charger. The battery charger charges up to 12 AA rechargeable batteries at a time and also alerts when the battery is charged with a green light. Charges up to 12 AA...

  • Covert 6.4V LifePo4 Battery

    Covert 6.4V LifePo4 Battery

    The Covert 6.4V LiFePO4 Battery from Covert Scouting Cameras is part of a sustainable power supply system for Covert trail cameras. This 6.4V, 4.8Ah lithium iron phosphate battery is designed to work with Covert's solar panel to provide a steady supply...

  • Covert 6.4V LifePo4 Wall Charger

    Covert 6.4V LifePo4 Wall Charger

    The Covert 6.4V LifePo4 Wall Charger is a 110V Wall Charger that puts out 7.2V and 3A for use with LifePo4 6.4 V Battery. Use this charger to give your battery a full charge befroe taking it to the field. A fully charged battery is always the best way...

  • Covert AA Rechargeable Batteries

    Covert AA Rechargeable Batteries

    Power up your trail cameras with the convenient Covert AA Rechargeable Batteries 12 Pk. These 2300mAh, Covert Rechargeable NiMH AA Batteries feature low self-discharge chemistry, so they'll last longer between charges. They suffer no memory effect, so...

  • Covert Convertor Cable

    Covert Convertor Cable

    Increase the battery life on your camera by combining the Covert Convertor Cable with a universal 6-12 volt recharageable battery or solar panel. This will work with all models manufactured from 2012 through 2019. It converts 9 to 12 volts to 6 volts. ...

  • PS Products Lithium CR123A Batteries 2-Pack

    PS Products Lithium CR123A Batteries 2-Pack

    These Lithium Ion batteries are designed to maintain power for your Zap Stun Devices. Using Zap batteries will make you feel secure, knowing your stun devices will have the high quality power they need to protect you. Size: CR123A Pack of 2 Works with a...

  • Spypoint Additional lithium battery for LIT-C-8

    Spypoint Additional lithium battery for LIT-C-8

    Spypoint Additional lithium battery for LIT-C-8 Additional rechargeable lithium battery, compatible with all 2011-2012 surveillance cameras and audio repeller Additional battery for LIT-C-8 kit. Compatible with SPYPOINT FL-A, IR-5, IR-6, BLOODLINE,...

  • Streamlight 18650 8 Bank Charger 120V 100V AC

    Streamlight 18650 8 Bank Charger 120V 100V AC

    With the Streamlight 18650 8 Bank Charger, you can organize, store, and charge up to 8 18650 batteries and fully charge them in 5.25 hours. The charge bays securely hold batteries in place and it is ideal for truck mounting. Each battery slot features...