Guard Dog Disabler Maximum Voltage Stun Gun

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The Guard Dog Disabler stun gun comes with a built-in LED flashlight, useful for illumination in small areas, and a built-in rechargeable battery that will ensure its optimal performance for weeks. You will never have to worry about batteries again as the Disabler boasts a built-in charger. The Guard Dog Disabler includes a security pin that allows you to deactivate the stun gun when not in use making it ideal for child safety. The package includes a convenient holster to protect and carry your device. Be prepared and empowered with the Guard Dog Disabler.
  • Delivering HIGH voltage stopping power and alarmingly loud zapping sound, the stun gun deters and disables potential assailants
  • Single LED flashlight allows for quick identification or increased visibility in small areas
  • Disable pin also prevents the stun gun to be used against the owner in the event of an emergency and the device is grabbed or children
  • Features a built-in wall charger and convenient nylon holster with belt loop