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  • American Hunter Battery Charger 6/12v

    American Hunter Battery Charger 6/12v

    BL-C6/12 features:6 & 12 volt battery charger, Using a switch, you select 6 volt or 12 volt charge, This charger will charge most 6 and 12 volt rechargeable feeder batteries , Plugs into 110v outlet , Output is 500 ma DCFeatures:6 & 12 volt battery...

  • Covert Solar Panel

    Covert Solar Panel

    Solar panel prevents camera batteries from draining in the field. Will accommodate all Covert game cameras.Features:Accommodates all Covert cameras

  • Spypoint Solar Charger 12v

    Spypoint Solar Charger 12v

    Solar panel with adjustable steel mounting kit. Maintains the charge of the lithium battery pack directly into compatible devices. Measures 6.3” x 4.7”. Can also be combined with any 12-volt battery. Comes with a 9 foot power cable, 5 different...

4 of 4 Items